I chose this book because I am a huge fan of Harlan’s books, and I really liked this book and I recommend it. The reason why I chose to recommend this book, is because Harlan Coben is my favourite author, and with good reason. His books are written really well and he is very good at describing and have a good deal of comedy in his texts. The Myron Bolitar is one of my favourite fictional characters and the Bolitar series are my favourite books and I like every one of them.

Coben writes mystery novels and that is my favourite genre to read, so that makes the books even better.




Since i have mock - exam tomorrow and I'm studying and are already bored, then a thought come to me. Why can't i make a post with some study tips? Most of the tips aren't mine, so I will link the site down below, even if it is a Norwegian page. Enjoy :-)


• Don't start studying the night before your test, it will not just make you more tired of studying but you won't remember most of what you have studied. Believe me, I am a living proof on that! ;)

• Eat or chew something the night before when you study, and eat or chew the same thing the next day when you have the test. It will help you remember. The same you can do with perfume. 

•  Do not read books from cover to cover, it becomes too much and you will not get through it substantially. It is important to gain an overview of the most important subject in the curriculum, the teacher has admitted to lecture are generally applicable.//

•  Check  old  exams and tests, these can often be found online. Often some of this test have the same themes.//

•  Make  yourself  a  reading  list  and  set  yourself  clear, straightforward goal that you can reach from day to day. It may, for many a good way to stay motivated, and you can always be happy with yourself when you can take something off from the list.//

• Retell what you've read to friends or family, as it sits better.//

Good luck!

Xo Angelika


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Hey! Me again. 

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